5 GB Storge/$34.99 per month

10 GB Storage/$39.99 per month

20 GB Storage/$44.99 per month

30 GB Storage/$49.99 per month

40 GB Storage/$54.99 per month

50 GB Storage/$59.99 per month

About Plan

Cloud Computer.

A Personal Cloud Computer loaded with all basic computer apps accessible from any Kiosk affiliated with UpThere. The Cloud has been designed to give you a safe computer experience with the filter level which suits your needs.
Storage Pricing

Let's Know the Pricing Expand as Needed

Have you ever wanted a computer out of home but with all your personal information being saved and only available to you? UpThere is a software where you can login with your personal user, and you will have your personal desktop. Your downloads and history will be saved and available to you!

You prefer Meshimer, Geder or Netfree? The choice is yours! You choose a filter company, and it will be available to you. (you will also need to choose 2 backup filter company choices in case your kiosk is not affiliated with your choice.)

Any filter level of your choice, it's your call. We offer a range of filter levels to meet your standards.

You will be able to choose your filter level when signing up.


The costs go according to the storage bracket you choose for your computer. The more storage you have, the more files you could download and save.


Prices are as follows:

5GB Storage $34.99/month

10 GB Storage $39.99/month

20 GB Storage $44.99/month

30 GB Storage $49.99/month

40 GB Storage $54.99/month

50 GB Storage $59.99/month


The list of kiosk will be updated on UpThereKiosk.com/locations as soon as a new Kiosk signs up. Posters promoting UpThere will also be displayed at Kiosk locations offering the feature.

You will be charged every month on the 1st for the upcoming month. If you sign up in middle of the month, you charge will be prorated from the day you start until the end of the month.

We are sad to see you go :( but if you would like to cancel your service, please email support@uptherekiosk.com and include your email and phone number on file and we will cancel your account.

Please note that cancelation is only for upcoming billing cycle and your services will work until the month is over.

Once your kiosk account is synced with your UpThere account, you will be given 3 login options.

1. Auto Login - system will automatically log you into your UpThere account once you log in to your kiosk account (you will just need to add the remote computer password)


2. Ask Every Time - The system will ask you every time you log in to your kiosk account whether you want to log in to your UpThere account.


3. Manual Login - You will need to select the UpThere option from the right side panel on your kiosk dashboard (login information page) and log in from there.

Here's a step-by-step guide to sync your UpThere account with your local Kiosk account:

Syncing UpThere with Kiosk Account

1. Log in to your Kiosk account as you normally would.
2. You will be prompted with a notification asking if you want to sync your Kiosk account with your UpThere account.
3. Click "Sync Existing UpThere Account" to initiate the synchronization process.
4. Enter your UpThere account credentials (email and password) to authenticate the sync.
5. Once synced, you will see 3 options, Auto Login, Ask Each Time and Manual Login. Select the option you prefer. 

You can now access your Kiosk account information from anywhere using your UpThere account credentials.

If you encounter any issues during the syncing process or have questions, please refer to the UpThere support resources or contact customer support team for assistance.

You will have your own personal documents and download folder. same as you would have on your personal PC.

You start with the smallest plan and when you hit the max for that plan it will automatically upgrade you to the next.


Yes. Please email us at support@uptherekiosk.com with your email address and contact number, and the filter level you would like to apply. Please note that changing filter levels could take up tp 24 business hours to take effect and you will be assigend a new computer, which means you will may need to sign in again to some sites. Your personal information will be transfered automatically.

You could download and save as many files you need, and once you hit the storage limit, you will get an email informing you that you will be automatically upgraded to the next stoage level and charged accordingly.


You will have 4 days to delete files should you decide that you wish to remain on the current memory bracket and not upgrade.

UpThere computers comes with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office suite, TeamViewer, Zoom and Skype preinstalled.

While our cloud computers come with a range of preinstalled apps and programs, we understand that you may need something specific for your workflow. If there's an app or program you require that's not already installed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Simply email our support team at support@uptherekiosk.com with a link to the app or program you need, and we'll do our best to install it for you. Please note that for security and privacy reasons, self-installation is not available. Our team will work to get the app or program up and running for you, ensuring a safe and secure experience

Yes! yYou can login to any kiosk affiliated with UpThere and you will have your personal desktop available to you! (even if you are in a completely different city.)

No. UpThere computers are only avalaible on Kiosk computers.


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